The Queen Invited us to her Royal Garden Party!

The Queen invited us to her Garden Party on 28th May 2015. Our longest serving Night Senior Worker and Volunteer were invited to attend by Her Majesty. They have fond memories of hailing a taxi and saying “Buckingham Palace please driver”. A military band played throughout the afternoon they even played James Bond themes and then at 4 pm the National Anthem played to announce the arrival of the Queen. Afternoon tea was served in the tea tent in the gardens, where they were served with dainty finger buffet items such cucumber and mint Sandwiches, smoked salmon, rolled bread savory, scone and cream, strawberry tart and Victoria sponge. The Queen left the Party at 5.50 pm. WHAT A DAY!
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Leg’s eleven Bingo!

Image result for bingo clipart freeWe love our activities at Westfield House, May Mills & Ingleside. BINGO is our residents favourite! Leg’s eleven – 11, One little duck – 2, Lucky – 7 , Two little ducks – 22, 44 – droopy drawers, Clickety Click – 66, Two fat ladies – 88 (wobble, wobble) BINGO!  
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I can’t say how much your help has been appreciated

Feedback received:
I can’t say how much your help has been appreciated. The facilities enjoyed my relative over the last 3 weeks have been excellent. With best regards and much appreciation.
This letter was received from the relative of a lady that needed to find some short-term accommodation whilst her home was being modernised. Well Done Denise, House Manager and the team at Ingleside House. Ingleside House is one of our sheltered living homes operated by Abbeyfield Loughborough Society.
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Train your brain

Have you tested your brain recently! According to the Alzeimer’s Society website, they have funded researchers at King’s College London to test whether doing brain training games can improve cognitive function in older people. The study found that playing the games – which challenge people on reasoning and problem solving- can help people over 60 to get on better with their daily activities over 6 months. The researchers also saw improvements in reasoning and verbal learning skills in those over 50. Have a go by using the link:
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Praise and admiration for Abbeyfield Loughborough Society!

I have nothing but praise and admiration for the reactions of everyone connected to Abbeyfield, from the medical team at Pinford Gate, but mainly to all people employed in various positions within the Abbeyfield Home (Westfield Drive) including the volunteers, who do a fantastic job for the love of it, the catering staff and the carers at all levels. Also the seniors who are responsible for the ground troops in the home and maintaining the high standard of care that my wife enjoyed, but by no means least, the residents of Abbeyfield who must have made a positive contribution. For the family and myself I just wish to offer my sincere thanks to all the friends at Abbeyfield who, in their own particular way, have helped my wife though her latter days of her illness. It was very gratifying for all the family when visiting to see she looked very contented. My sincere thanks
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