Covid-19 UPDATE

Across the UK population we are currently experiencing a rise in confirmed COVID-19 cases. Over the past few days, Public Health England (PHE) has reported an increase in notifications of COVID-19 cases in care homes. Fortunately we have not yet had any cases within either Westfield House, our Care Home or May Mills House, our Supported House. We are working hard to prevent any spread of the disease within our properties, and with care and vigilance we hope this will stand us in good stead throughout the autumn and winter months. This winter will place unique pressures on both the health and care system. COVID-19 will be cocirculating with seasonal flu and other viruses, and unfortunately transmission may increase over the winter period. We are committed to making sure we are prepared for any additional pressures. We would like to express our thanks to all our staff for their ongoing hard work, commitment, compassion and dedication to our Residents. It is hugely appreciated. We would also like to thank the families and friends of our Residents in both Westfield House and May Mills House for their on-going co-operation and understanding during these very difficult times.