Does the Westfield Drive home take residents who are funded by the local authority?

Yes, but there is usually a top-up that has to made by a third party, and this has to be agreed at commencement of the contract, along with any future increases. Further information on this can be found by contacting Care Aware (a free independent advocacy service). Care Aware

My mother is funding her residential care from the sale of her home. What will happen when this money runs out?

She will need to be referred to Social Services in order for an assessment of needs to be carried out once her savings reduce to £23,500 (this may change so please contact Leicestershire County Council or the General Manager for current figures). If she is assessed as needing Residential Care, she will be funded at either a Band 3 or Band 5 level of funding. Again, a top-up payment may be required from a third party.

If I live in one of the sheltered houses and after a while my health deteriorates, can I move to the Westfield Drive home?

We always try and offer a placement in Westfield House if we have a vacancy at the time. If we feel that a Resident’s condition is deteriorating we would place their name on the waiting list for Westfield House and they would take priority over others on the waiting list. However, we would need to ensure that we would be able to meet their needs, so a pre-assessment would be carried out and the Resident would probably spend a day, at least, at Westfield House prior to being accepted. Social Services will also carry out an assessment of needs if funding from the local authority is required.

I am thinking of moving in to sheltered accommodation. Is it possible to stay in your sheltered housing for a short while to try it out?

We always offer at least a week’s short-stay prior to moving into our sheltered accommodation on a long-term basis. Leaving your own home is a big decision and so we encourage potential Residents to visit the house for coffee or to attend any events, in order to get a feel for what it is like to live in a communal house.

I am gluten intolerant. Can this be catered for in the Abbeyfield houses?

Our House Managers are able to accommodate most dietary needs. They will spend time discussing all Residents likes/dislikes and any specific dietary requirements prior to a Resident joining the house, and will continually review the menus to ensure Residents needs are met.

What is provided in each room at Westfield House?

All rooms are carpeted and provided with a bed, armchair, wardrobe and bedside lockable drawer. Residents are encouraged to bring some of their own furniture and belongings.